Keeping Your Fridge Clean and Cool

Even though there aren’t too many refrigerators that require manual defrosting anymore, it’s still important to keep your fridge clean so it can stay as cool as possible. And even if you’ve got large icy monster, cleaning it isn’t a long job – 15 minutes at the most. As you clean out the fridge, the raised temperature of having the door open should make any ice lumps melt. If not, loosen them free with a spoon. Don’t use anything sharp (Ive done this before, bad idea). Check out the drip tray at the back of the fridge it can collect gunk and slime and cause ice to form.

It might be a good idea to wear gloves, they will keep your hands warm if you need to touch ice and keep your hands clean from any spills.

OK lets start cleaning by making it easy on yourself samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. Empty out one shelf at a time, this way you don’t need to have a huge space to hold all your food. Just get yourself a tray or bin, and place one shelf’s worth of food on it. Now you’re ready to clean. Of course doing it this way means you’ve got to be more careful inside the fridge,. But its fine to leave milk and other perishables exposed to the warm air, they stay out longer when you are eating.

So starting from the top shelf, take out the food and being cleaning shelving with a damp cloth. Are the shelves stained? If yes take them out and wash it in the sink

Gunk can build up in vegetable and meat drawers if you don’t regularly throw out an aging lettuce or orange.

For stuck-on foods, scrape up using a plastic spatula.

To Keep your fridge smelling fresh by taking a tablespoonful of baking soda in an old coffee-jar lid left on a shelf absorbs odors for up to two weeks.

The outside of your fridge can get quite dirty in a short amount of time, so wipe it each week with a damp cloth, then dry it thoroughly.

And finally once a year you should, pull out free-standing fridges and use the crevice attachment to vacuum the coils at the back.

With just a little care and maintenance you can have a clean well running fridge that will last you a long time.

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